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Yesterday was too much

I was going to write this post yesterday, but I kept bouncing around in my emotions and never felt in a good place to write. So I'm writing this morning....about yesterday.

Let's just say, some days it's hard to remain positive.

I woke up for work modeling for a tee shirt company yesterday; showered, did my hair and makeup, and drank a big glass of coffee to wake up. I also happened to call my dad to ask a computer question. We chatted on the phone a bit and I checked out the website on my laptop to make sure everything was lining up correctly. Then I said goodbye, brushed my teeth, picked up my bags, and headed for the door...only to find out,


No, not dead I forgot to charge it. It was at 100% when I called my dad. It was in fact, actually, dead dead, like will never turn on again dead. I tried pushing buttons and sticking it on a charger but nothing changed. It was just a black ugly screen staring me in my face as I needed to leave for my photo shoot.

No biggie. My phone has broken down before. I can adapt. All I needed was to pull up the email with directions from my laptop and write them down on paper and take a good mental picture and head out. I'd be fine and I'd still be just on time.


Seriously. I restarted it. I turned the wifi on and off. I turned the airplane mode on and off. I troubleshooted the wifi. I checked the router. It was fine. My iPad had wifi but my laptop had nothing.


I was now officially late for work and was unable to call anyone to let them know. I was also unable to get there since I couldn't access the email with the directions.

I finally pulled out the old laptop to charge it up (it doesn't hold any charge whatsoever) and get it running.


I get the old laptop started and it it spins for a while opening a browser and then gmail so I can access the email account.

I panicked bad. I was late for work and I could do nothing about it. I also couldn't notify anyone about what was happening. No messaging, no phone calls, no emails during the whole process.

When I finally got gmail opened on the old laptop I wrote a quick email to my agent asking him to notify the brand that I was late and also unable to call or message because my phone was dead. Really dead.

Then I opened Maps and scribbled off driving instructions and ran out the door.

I'm amazed I ran out the door with everything I was supposed to because my head was certainly not in the game.

I arrived over a half hour late. I'm still sure the photo crew don't believe a word of my story and that I've lost the only modeling job I had secured.

Fine. It's done. Nothing more I can do.


I was supposed to drop my car off at the mechanic afterwards so I raced home, ran to the bathroom, restarted the laptop with hopes it would magically find wifi again (it didn't), and then zoomed off for the mechanic.

Unfortunately I had left the keys to my bike rack at home and didn't realize it until I arrived.

So back to the house to grab the keys and back to the mechanic to drop them off.

Finally I made it home. Starving. At the point of tears. Stressed to a panic attack. Lunch was bad, but at least I was able to eat.

Then it was working around the house putting clothes away, picking up from the crazy morning, and rechecking my laptop again. (It still wasn't working).

On a new phone call with my dad again, I heard thunder.

It hasn't rained in Guadalajara since last year and my car leaks when it pours and now my car was parked outside at the mechanics. Great.

Luckily for me I still have a US phone number that I am able to use if I have saved phone numbers (I couldn't call the photo people because their number wasn't saved in my US phone contact book). Originally I had given the mechanic my US number for WhatsApp (which I know longer use), but it meant that he was saved in my contacts in the app. Therefore I was able to call him through the iPad app (for a fee) and he actually picked up the phone!

Note that he is already very unhappy that my car is back in his shop because of leaking oil and continued temp problems and he himself has had a very bad business week so my phone call didn't go over well. I asked if he could park the car in the garage. The answer was no. There were much more expensive cars to be locked up in the garage and mine was relegated to the side yard. I explained my situation with rain in my car. He didn't budge. He let me know he had a car cover and would cover my car to keep the lake from forming in the back seat floor boards. I was okay with that. Call ended.

I resumed the daily activities and got all the clothes brought in before the rain started. Amazon packages were prepared for return and iPad research to use iPad as a phone ensued (unsuccessfully).

It was a very long day. A very very long day. Probably even more so because I'd only had two hours of sleep from the night before.

When I arrived here I was told I could use the neighbors parking place because he didn't live there. He would come back about 1-2 months a year but that's all. Everyone verified that. So of course, the month I moved in, so did he. And he's never left 6 months later. In addition to having had to do street parking for the past 6 months since the parking space I was avidly confirmed ceased to exist, he has turned his apartment (directly above me) into a seeming frat house. He was quiet and gone during the day mostly. Now there are 4 guys and sometimes a girl living upstairs coming and going at all hours of the day and night with only one garage door opener between them so now the garage door is open a lot and there are whistles and shouts regularly to get someone in the apartment to throw down the keys to enter the building. They play music loudly randomly (usually when I'm trying to sleep or focus) and slam the entry door which is right next to the head of the bed and run up and down the steps throwing their things on the floor directly above my bedroom. And of course they also have cars so the coveted street parking that was here is almost always occupied now.

My lease ends soon so I'm back to house hunting....again. And, I still don't have a phone (outside of the iPad app from the US which I also have to pay in order to call or receive any Mexican phone number), but the good news is my laptop is working as of late last night.

If anyone is interested in adopting my brother Murphy for a long stay or even a short stay vacation, I'm open. No one here will ever believe such a crazy story because it is just that, it is crazy. If you don't know me very well, my stories sound like horrible made up excuses. But they are in fact real! I am totally fine, however, with taking a small recess from brother Murphy's antics. Sometimes it just gets to be a bit too much. Yesterday was too much.


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