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Remembering who I am: Ronda

While going through some old books packed away in a closet at midnight ('cause that's what I do at midnight!), I came across a book I can only assume my father bought many years ago; the name, Ronda.

My father, after visiting the city while he was stationed in Spain, named me after the beautiful flower of Andalusia. In Spanish the name means 'turn', but in the original Welsh, it means 'grand'.

Reading through this small, pamphlet-like book, (at midnight) helped remind me who I am.

I am grand.

I am strong.

I am enchanting.

I am caring.

I am beautiful.

And one day, I hope to say I am in a perpetual state of grace.

Life may be trying to push me under, but I will prevail and will be stronger for it. I look forward to coming out on the other side emanating more of the positive qualities that I know I already am!

I really love the writing style of this book; an entrancing and intoxicating art.


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