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   WHO AM I ?   

Hi, I'm Ronda!

I'm a violinist, cellist, and dancer traveling the world.

Lustfully wandering for new adventures, new things, more places and faces.
Crazy things happen in my world every day thanks to my "brother" know...Murphy's Law...

Check out my BLOG, for all my past adventures and to learn more about me!

~ Young at Heart, Mind and Body ~

~ Enthusiastic in my Chosen Endeavors ~

~ Ever Changing and Morphing into a Newer and more Exciting Existence ~

I grew up a Navy brat as they say and through that childhood I learned the importance of hard work, discipline, knowledge, honesty, ethics, and a passion for life. I've sought to instill these values in everything from the jobs I perform to the friendships I pursue. 


Before I could read words I could read music. It's been more a part of my life than anything else. I learned violin, piano and cello. But I was a tomboy at heart and wanted to be outside playing with the boys instead of practicing music indoors. These desires were balanced between hours of music practice inside and biking and organized sports outside. I grew up to love the best of both worlds. 


As a young adult, music and sports pushed me toward the inevitable mesh of both, dance. I started with ballet, then jazz, then tap dancing, but found my love for dance in the world of contra, blues, and American ballroom. 


Now as a young woman, I strive my hardest to show others the joy I have discovered in these worlds. Whether I'm performing a solo work or a chamber concert; dancing on a stage or teaching a studio class; leading a family hike or forging a group of nature lovers up a beautiful mountain side, I strive to always do my best and achieve the most out of life!

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