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Reaching for the Finish Line of Fridge Installation

Well, I wrote an entire blog post, but lacked one picture so saved it on Wix and went to sleep so I could finish it in the morning.

Wix lost it.


So for the shorter, condensed, I no longer want to rewrite the same novel blog post....

Things are progressing well. Curtains are hung and look great. Morever they function well and fit the space correctly!

The pattern and colors remind me of Charlie Brown in my bedroom, which is a bit odd, but the colors work with the rest of the room and the pattern is at least a pattern instead of a solid color curtain, so no real complaints. Keeping the curtains.

Now that I finally have an adult size fridge, I got to go to Costco for real. For the last 6 months I've gone to Costco, walked around, and left with a salad. This time, I left with a cart full of goodies! Sometimes it's those little things that really bring your day to life. A Costco trip with numerous purchases was one of those little things for me :) I managed to come away with lots of frozen food (I now have more than a shoebox freezer), refrigerated food (I now no longer have to solve a rubix cube in order to use the old dorm fridge), and even a sturdy folding table on discount where I can eat it all! Talk about success. There was a happy Ronda here :)

So now I just have to get the water hooked up to the new fridge correctly and get it out of the middle of the kitchen floor so I can get everything back in place and tidy and organized :)

If only all the writing jobs I apply to worked out as well as my apartment renovations, we'd be golden.

Seems like I can put the cyst on the back burner of my brain now and just start enjoying life again. What that will mean near future is lots of pain trying to start jogging and Insanity again after more than a month of sedentariness. What I hope it means in a months time is fitting back into my only good pair of jeans!

And just because I know you have missed him...pic of Denny Crane smoldering at the camera and a little mad at me for waking him up to take the picture haha!


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