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I'm hoping.

I'm hoping the car part I ordered gets here.

I'm hoping customs doesn't try to extort hundreds of dollars from me....again.

I'm hoping customs doesn't steal the car part.

I'm hoping the FedEx truck doesn't get robbed or disappear.

I'm hoping the car part gets here this week.

I'm hoping the car part actually fits.

I'm hoping my car can be repaired by the weekend.

I'm hoping everything else that was repaired in my car actually works.

I'm hoping when the ac compressor is installed that another problem doesn't magically appear.

I'm hoping my car will run like she did when when she was younger.

I'm hoping I can take a really long road trip soon!

There is always the very high possibility that my "brother" Murphy will intervene so yes, I'm aware that all my hopes will be crushed. Welcome to my life!

If that's not a look of hope, I don't know what is.


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