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Preparing for Planet Ronda reveal

It has been a long road...a very long road. The blog I used to mostly regularly maintain,, has not been updated for nearly a year. It has been abandoned for multiple reasons, but the biggest reason has been to be able to commit the time and energy into releasing my new YouTube channel, Planet Ronda and in coordination with that, my new website/blog/story outlet.

I'll be writing small stories here similar to A Short Story: The She Puppy and also tidbits surrounding my weekly videos that may not have made it on to camera.

This writing outlet will be a wonderful creative solution to the longer blog updates I've been writing for years and I am excited to entertain more short stories and life glimpses while the video series captures the fuller story.

I'll be keeping my awesome Panasonic Lumix DMC LX-100 and my new-to-me Sony z5 compact with me and adding pictures to the posts if I have them to share.

This venture is an exciting, scary, and overwhelming transition into a new life and a new transparency. I'm so glad to have everyone here along for the ride!


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