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Vacation... hahaha

A few days ago I posted a picture on Facebook and shared on Twitter and Instagram about the start of my "vacation" for a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving and how excited I was to begin it.

Yeah right.


One day in and my "brother" Murphy has made it abundantly clear that he clearly intends to join me for vacation every step of the way.

In the days of vacation my schedule has now come to include setting up a new laptop so that Planet Ronda may continue, shopping at every thrift store in Los Angeles for a tuxedo and accouterments, attempting to get enough data backed up to factory reset my phone and time to set it up afterwards, practicing for a Holiday program that rehearses the day after I fly back to the Midwest, and sorting through/cleaning out a very packed garage. Wow!

That's in addition to the two videos (one is releasing tomorrow!) and the continuous blog articles and random social media posts I had already planned on maintaining.

I do so hope there is a day in there somewhere before (the operative word being BEFORE) Thanksgiving that I can get out in nature and really enjoy a good hike and some good photo ops. You know...vacation. Because we all know that, after Thanksgiving dinner, hiking will cease to exist!


I'm sure "brother" Murphy will find more ways to interfere with my daily activities and stretch my to do list a bit longer. If he didn't, I wouldn't have Planet Ronda and the life so many of you enjoy sharing with me!

Now back to work :)

Waiting in line at DAL with my videographer/video editor at the beginning of "vacation"!

Waiting in line at DAL with my videographer/video editor at the beginning of "vacation"!

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