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Wi Fi Dependency

Wi-Fi is such a natural part of life today it's hard to image life without it. Life does exist even right in the city without Wi-Fi and the lessons learned from such experiences are too numerous to count.

This ins't a blog about the personal lessons we could all take away from a life less dependent on technology. Nor is it an urging to rely less on it, or a reminiscence into how things used to be. This is a true tale of a crazy day on Planet Ronda!


Friday is the release day for Planet Ronda videos on YouTube so by Thursday night the video is finished and Friday morning it's uploaded for publication. Or at least that's the goal.

This week however, it was a challenge to upload, or should I say impossibility?

My most wonderful host this week is one of the sweetest women I know and a generous soul to house me so often and so much. There is no Wi-Fi at her house however, nor any nearby I can sneak on for a couple of hours.

With a gigabyte of data to upload to YouTube for the video release, I knew my video editor and I needed to find a place that had at least semi speedy Wi-Fi at best so the upload would finish before nightfall.

Off we went! We had already tried the library and spent an entire evening there before to no avail so that option was out. We decided to head to a highly reviewed the local coffee house nearby. We bought some coffee and sat down to discover the upload would take over 3 hours. Then there would be processing time so we had to find someplace else. I've had good luck at Panera Bread in the past so we drove half an hour to the nearest one to test their Wi-Fi. It was no better than the coffee house. Next door was a Pei Wei that was casting a signal so we checked it out and it had even slower upload speeds. Almost by accident, I drove past a Stein Mart when my video editor held up his hand for me to stop the car. It was casting a Wi-Fi signal so we stopped the car, pulled into as close a parking spot I could find and checked to see how long the upload would take.

It turns out (now I'm giving away my new Wi-Fi- secret!) that Stein Mart has way better Wi-Fi than all the other places. For another hour we camped out in my car waiting for the upload to finish and for my cell phone to update all it's apps since I ran out of data on my plan a few days ago.

We were completely successful and so much so that we had time to shop at the local Korea Town Ko'Mart and pick up our favorite Korean goodies and a deliciously tasty Korean dinner!

click on the link to check it out or watch it right here --->

*There's a fail cat video in it so you definitely want to watch!!*

I'll leave you with a high-spirit selfie I took at the beginning of my day at the coffee house before the Wi-Fi dependency proved undependable :-)

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