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A "Tank"

The weekend is almost over. The silver lining to the cloud is that my awesome video editor in crime got a fever last night eliminating the long drive I was going to be making Sunday evening after my second concert.

Why title this post 'A "Tank"'?

It's the nickname I've earned. In addition to the practicing for concerts, rehearsals, shows, launching of website, pages, channels, and feeds while sick, I also added to my work load by caring for my partner in crime during his fever and illness for two days.

While I was home for ten minutes today in order to scarf down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and verify my partner in crime was no longer running a fever, the lady of the house (not me) asked how both of us were doing and the description voiced from the sick bed was that even though I'd felt ill, I was still up and going and working harder than ever. I *was* am a tank.

I'll take the description with gratitude and thankfulness and thoroughly enjoy the silver lining to the sickness cloud and spend tonight curled up writing this blog, researching laptops, and just enjoying not moving until I succumb to the overwhelming desire to pursue the elusive dream of catching up on missed sleep.

Good night everyone.

Enjoy the cute cat photo :)

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