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Move Over Movie Marathon, There's Decorating to be Done!

Let me start by updating my health because that was the last big post I wrote.

Thank you for all the messages and comments from everyone. I really appreciate the responses.

The good news is that it seems I'm back to 'normal'. The inflammation has receded to the point of no visibility so now it's a gradual restart into my daily Insanity workouts and slow jogs. I'm trying to get better at 'running' so I was jogging every day before this started. I'm a terrible runner so it was a very slow pace and I was maxing out at 4-5 miles, but I was making the effort. Now that progress is lost. It's been a month of laying around doing nothing.

That is until the last three days. I'll get to that in a bit.

The antibiotics are finished and I have a lump in my upper arm from the strong antibiotic shot :( It doesn't hurt but I don't like it there all the same. Hope it will go away or at least get a lot smaller in the next month. Don't know why it's actually there either.

I'm able to wear all my clothes again and enjoy the little luxuries like a homemade margarita! Boy did that taste delicious after a month of water and coffee!

Hoping everything stays in the improved state and I don't have to return for any further operations or cyst growths, but it's now a constant vigilance to make sure it stays how it's supposed to before something happens and gets out of hand.

Now on to more news.

Since I decided to stay in the current location and extend my lease here, I decided to do an overhaul and try to make the place more like a cozy home and less like a usable sleeping pod.

My ankles are throbbing from the last three days of intensive work. I've worked from 9 or 10 a.m. until 10 or 11p.m. every day, taking short breaks only to refuel.

The progress has been good though. There is an adult size fridge now where there was once a dormitory size one. It's truly nice to have an actual separate freezer instead of the kind that is a shoebox inside the fridge.

Moved the dorm fridge into the bedroom and was able to move the tv out of the closet and on top of the mini fridge so now I have a wonderful tv stand and cold drinks in the bedroom to boot! All set for a movie marathon if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately the marathon won't be today because I also bought curtains and a rail to hang them and I need to get them hung which I'm hoping only takes an hour, but I'm anticipating longer. Took me more than half a day to move all the furniture (literally every piece of furniture in the room) from the wall with the window and reorganize it to another wall so I can actually hang the curtains. I'm liking the new setup though and am super excited to see what the new curtains will add to the room. Hopefully it will make the room more comfortable and cozy as well making it appear larger. That is the goal. Will have to wait and see once they're installed if I succeeded or failed.

After the curtains are hung it's time to go to Home Depot to look for a kit to connect the water to the fridge. The 'new' fridge is a side-by-side and has a water and ice dispenser. Really looking forward to getting that connected and having cold filtered water and ice whenever I want as opposed to warm room temperature water that I drag from the local gas station in 20 liter jugs and then pour in varying intervals into a smaller and manageable dispenser. I expect that will be a half a day job or more. It may not get finished tomorrow depending on what I can find at Home Depot and how in the world I figure out how to run the water line without drilling holes and whatnot in a rental property. Should be fun...

I spent most of yesterday reconfiguring and cleaning the living room. Decided to completely rearrange the furniture and get rid of the closet door I was using for a dining table so I can have more space. At the moment there is no table, but there is lots of space! The floor is clean. The window sills are clean. The tables and tv is dusted. And I have blisters to prove it! The living room is basically done but I'm now on the hunt for a nifty folding table I can use to wheel around to eat and then fold it down and wheel it out of the way but have it still look nice. I have no storage so I can't hide an ugly table out of sight unfortunately. I found a good deal from a drop shipping website, but when I went back to buy it, it was sold out. Haven't found another one as of yet.

I'm also struggling to find a new phone. I got mine fixed after not having it for a couple of weeks, but yesterday, the battery just decided to stop charging. I have 7% battery life left and no way to charge my phone :( The worse news is that I don't have the money to go out and buy a new phone that will serve me well (read Ronda proof) and that I will be happy to use. I like small flagship Android phones and they just don't make them anymore. Small phones are considered 6" these days. Mine currently is less than 5". I can compromise to close to 6", but whenever I find a phone with the qualifications I'm looking for and a decent (read not over $1,000 or even $700) price, it's near 7" and I am just not ready to cart around a tablet all the time. Literally, I have a 7" tablet at home. Cell phone sizes are just ridiculous these days, in my opinion.

So now I'm back to no phone and no idea when I'll get one either :( Since when did phones get so crazy big and crazy expensive?

Anyway, I have no time to worry about a phone now. I've got the apartment to get into shape and a movie marathon to have first. Then I can worry about my phone and my iPad which has been going berserk the last couple of weeks. Don't know why everything has to break all at once, but that seems to be the way it goes. Hopefully my laptop will keep working if my phone and tablet both fail. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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