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Denny Crane: The Effect and It's Worth

This is a fun story about Denny Crane so read and enjoy :)

Now that my car is back, I've been trying to drive her as much as possible to check things out still. And of course, I take Denny Crane with me sitting shotgun!

It's hitting 90 F every afternoon here pretty much without rest, so it's too hot to leave Denny Crane in the car if I stop anywhere.

So when I went to a local English bookstore with a book to try to sell or donate that I no longer need, of course he came along dangling on my arm as he does. When I entered there was the ever present oohing and aahing and questions about Denny Crane. After all the Denny Crane introductions were done and everyone had had their questions answered and pets given, I asked about selling my book. The employees called the book buyer with my book information and I was unfortunately declined.

I wasn't too upset since it wasn't really worth anything so we chatted a bit more and they took pictures and petted Denny Crane and asked more questions about him, continuing the Denny Crane love and admiration I'm accustomed to experiencing now.

Finally I said thanks for asking the buyer and for chatting with me and went to leave.

Apparently the employees felt bad that the buyer wouldn't buy my book, so they both offered me 20 pesos with the explanation that "it's because your dog is so cute"!

Seriously?!? hahaha

Ok, maybe I have a business that I didn't know about. What do you think?

Denny Crane costs:

  • In Person: 10 pesos

  • Petting: 20 pesos

  • Photo: 50 pesos

  • Holding: 100 pesos

The Denny Crane effect is real and it amazes me every time! Now you can drool over his pictures below :-p

Denny Crane, dachshund, dog
The look in those eyes. They seduce the people!

How cute is Denny Crane!!

dog, cat, dachshund
He even charms the cats!


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