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What to Write

It's the new year and nearly 6 months since my last post. I would apologize but the words are empty. The first two lines of my last entry sums up very well why I keep a blog and unfortunately, the conditions to provide the tales and inspiration to others have not found their way into my life, nor my fingers.

I miss writing terribly. I miss the life that inspired the stories and the joy behind the words.

In my last post I found a few pictures to draw inspiration from in order to pull an entry together. I have no such pictures for this post. Either life has not given me the inspirations to take the photos or I've become blind to their opportunities.

I've started reading nonfiction recently, which I have rarely done since I was a child. It's a way to escape the world you're in and immerse yourself in another. I never really needed to since I was a child, but I have found myself in that place once again. Trying to stay on the positive side of life, I've begun looking to the books I'm reading for ideas of creative writing. On my other blog,, I would occasionally write short stories. They are quite fun and entertaining to write and even read aloud to others.

Perhaps I can find the interest and drive to begin writing more in a new way. I don't know, as there are many hurdles to the path. It's just a seedling idea at the moment.

There are no other seedling ideas so one can only hope this one germinates and grows. Life has torn down my garden of beautiful flowers bit by bit around me until I must travel to the corners of the garden to find the few remaining pieces of beauty left that I've spent so much time cultivating and enjoying. It is fortunate that my garden is in the middle of a much larger patch of many other gardens and my friends have seen it's destruction. It is not their responsibility, not the job to replant and grow my garden, but the extra rays of sunshine and the little seeds they've given have kept my garden alive and for that I am grateful.

Here's to a new and better garden, with stronger and healthier flowers more beautiful than the last, that will grow beyond my care and help spread the joy of their seeds beyond its borders.

A picture of my favorite flowers that bloom outside the greenhouse at my childhood home every spring.

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