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Picture updates and a Happy Thanksgiving

Land life woes have certainly taken their toll. I've wanted to write so many different times, but I like to write about exciting and interesting things to inspire others, not gain pity or become depressed.

Recently, I have a few pictures that caught my attention to share and short stories around them :)

This has been my residence for the last couple of months. It looks idyllic I know, with strewn leaves, lakeside deck, and colorful trees surrounding a wooden cabin, but even with all the troubles that have amassed at this location, I look at this place and have to remind myself that I have been blessed to be able to stay in such a home. It would have been nice to have had the time to go fishing and kayaking, but life did not allow.

I have had nothing but car problems for a couple of months recently. The picture above is me getting my broken-down car ready for the tow truck that is parked at the top of the exit ramp just ahead. I've spent more time sitting on the side of the road, sleeping at the car repair shop, and driving slowly than I ever care to again. Currently, my car is fixed and running but not sure for how long so I've also been car hunting for a couple of months. I now know exactly what car will work so if anyone out there has a good deal on a 2nd generation v6 Toyota Solara, message me!

One of the nice things about getting into car trouble are the friends that show you a good time despite it. I got to have a wonderful time with a friend and their family over Thanksgiving ~ watching football, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, eating great food and spending time with good friends.

When you just need a hug though, human friends aren't necessary! This sweet kitty laid up on my shoulder and snuggled into my neck purring all the way. Talk about feeling the love!

Since it's been warmer outside some of the time, I've taken the time to get outside and go hiking when I've been in the right place with the right time! Check out this view from the pinnacle of Pinnacle Mountain in AR. Not bad for a day in the central States :)

And just to make everyone smile and have a happy day, here's a picture of a little doggy and a bigger kitty napping together on the couch. Love <3<3<3

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