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Fun; the effort of acquiring

For those readers that have followed my longstanding blog, lustfully wandering, you already know I'm an active fun-seeker.

You also may be wondering what and where in the world I've been up to since I haven't been nearly as active on my blog/new website (Planet Ronda) as I often am.

Partial truth be told ;-) ... Life happened. As it always does when you finally seem back in stride.

Sustaining myself on land is far from FUN in my experience, but I still manage to seek out some tidbits to nibble and keep my appetite alive.

More active FUN will hopefully ensue shortly, but one never knows what life will bring so I merely hang on and try to enjoy the ride as it were.

Pictured and described now are some of the bits of FUN I've tallied up to share with you!

A girl always likes to get something new to wear. Budget and closet and housing restrictions aside, I finally bought a cute sundress at a local thrift store. It's the only one in the closet and it was a budget-friendly price. Time for some FUN!

Some days, you've worked and worked and are really, really thirsty. Then you realize you are very close to a local arcade with awesome happy hours and it's another 45 minutes home. Why yes, I most definitely do deserve an ice cold beer to bring some FUN to my hard working day!

When you can't afford parking, walking becomes routine. And when you walk through a park with a nifty sculpture with cut-out holes sized just for me, well, I say it's high time for some play-in-the-park-like-the-kid-I-am-at-heart kind of FUN!

And now seriously....this picture doesn't need explained to figure out the FUN.....home made cake. YUM. Tasty cold daiquiris. YUM. And this little hole in the wall also has killer Cajun dry rub chicken wings, but there were none left to take a picture of so, yeah, I had a most FUN dinner that night!

When it's free arcade night in town, sometimes you have to stop the 'round the clock work (I wish that was just a phrase of exaggeration instead of reality), and play some ski ball for a few FUN rounds before going back to work!

If you all don't know, summer is here and it's hot! Like 90's Fahrenheit hot!!! Since I don't have a sprinkler, or a pool, or any money for the state-of-the-art water park close by, what's better than heading to the local city square and scaring off the little kids by being the weird adult running fully dressed through the water spouts?! Now that's FUN!

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