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Zombies don't run, but I'm trying

I've had this exercise/running app on my phone for a few years. I've opened it many times. I've organized it into folders. I've never actually used it. Until today.

Now, I work out a lot and love doing so. I'm a big hiker in AK, an avid mountain biker, love to play contact football, beach volleyball and other sports, but I don't run (and I don't play soccer).

Back in high school when I spent evenings outdoors riding bikes and climbing trees and shooting basketballs and swinging on rings, I couldn't run a 12 minute mile. I am a very bad runner.

Over the years, I'll occasionally get crazy ideas about running and try to grit my teeth and hit the pavement only to get debilitating cramps and what feels like CO2 instead of O2 when I breath. Best I've ever done is a one time wonder run I've never forgot about 7 years ago where I made it about 5 miles without collapsing. Mostly I'm lucky to go 2 miles.

When the app Zombies, Run! came out years ago, I thought, "Hey! That might motivate me to run more". Hahahaha. First I must use the app.

All the running stars in my life finally aligned today and I used the app for the first time. It's wonderful, well, for the first 5 minutes while I actually can run. Haven't been able to figure out how to get it to play music during the pauses so between earning cans of food, shorts, or bottles of water, those two minutes of silence seem like eternities where time is in reverse. Otherwise, though, while the story continues and the ever loud beeping of nearing zombies bleeps in my ears, my brain is occupied, with it's low levels of oxygen, on staying ahead of the zombies and running far and fast enough to continue the story.

So far so good. I've stayed alive (from the human eating zombies) and run 2 miles without dying. But don't expect too much in the future :)

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