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How Come Times Can Fly But I Can't?

Yes, technically I can get in an airplane and fly, but that's not the point and you know it.

Now back to topic.

What in the world has kept me busy for over two months since my last post? Work. Silly question.

In order to survive, it's been back to the orchestra circuit and this circuit has been a very busy one, which is technically a good thing.

I've had concerts every weekend and sometimes multiple concerts. Rehearsals the week prior and sometimes, in the in-between hours, there's my own practice time and other insignificant things like eating and sleeping and such.

I've finally had a full 3 weeks off of rehearsals and concerts. Intentions were to practice for an audition next month but if you know much about me you know the word 'plan(s)' is just another way of predicting the weather. It'll rain when you leave your umbrella at home.

It's been so busy with music, Planet Ronda videos got put on hold (since it doesn't pay the bills). I hope to get back to them again but it will be a little while yet. The past three weeks have been just as busy as the past three months and music starts up again next week. Back on the hamster wheel I will jump and spin my little heart out (without the health benefits grr).

Fun fact: I played a concert of Journey music and got to hang with the band at the exclusive after party. That was fun. No pictures of that, but here's a picture of the stage from my seat :) I'm told the keyboard player was in a very famous English rock band. I'd never heard of it but pop culture...meh.

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