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Dead Battery

This blog entry might be more interesting if I was eluding to a symbolic life lesson, but I'm not. My car battery just died; plain and simple.



Currently I'm driving around the MidWest playing a couple of Christmas symphony gigs. This last weekend I was in Texarkana at the infamous Perot Theater when on the way to rehearsal my battery light came on. "It's all right" I thought. It's only 10 minutes to rehearsal. I'll check it out when I get back to the hotel. HAHAHA

On the way back to the hotel, the.....

Battery Light

Brake Light

Security Light

Low Fuel Light

No Seat Belt Light (I was wearing my seat belt btw)

No Traction Light

And probably more I can't remember lit up on my dashboard.

Then the....

Temperature Gauge

Fuel Gauge

RPM Gauge


All went crazy and then dead.



My turn signals and hazard lights quit.

The power steering quit.

The accelerator pedal quit. (Thankfully my car cruises on its own splendiferously well!)


It was a very very very exciting 10 minute drive back to the hotel.

I managed to coast into the parking lot and get the car pushed into a parking space. There was not a spark of life in it.

After calling a tow truck and heading to Auto Zone for the rest of the day (<-- I wish that was an exaggeration) I discovered my battery was completely dead.

Of course the battery I had in the car was just a few months out of warranty. blankity blank blank shit

So I purchased a new one and AutoZone put it in for me and then checked it to make sure it was getting the correct charge (i.e. my alternator was working).


Exhausted and happy to have only spent a hundred plus on the new battery, I headed back to the hotel for a few hours rest.


The next day I got in the car and what did I see? But my bright red battery light blinking back at me!! No, I exclaimed as I sat in frustration. How can this be without explanation?

So back in my car I drove to the concert, I performed my best in all of the music. And after it finished, back to my car. I started the engine and froze in horror.

The battery light was red, as red as could be and more dollar signs were all I could see. I drove back to the shop, and told them my tale. They changed out my battery, again with detail.

We checked all the volts. We checked all the lights. Hoping I would make it to Dallas tonight.

Back in the car I sat; tired, hungry, but no money spent. Onward to home. The next concert to come. Here's to a good holiday this year to come!!!

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