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Back on the Bus

After Thanksgiving, hearts are still heavy, but it's time to go back to work.

My voice is back but the cough is stubborn. Even after a couple of weeks it still plagues me daily.

Even with the cough it's been a week of travel. Traveling back to the Mid West from Cali and traveling all over the state of Arkansas all week long. The week is finally over tonight. After an evening nap, I'm finally finishing the blog article I've wanted to write for days but was too tired off the bus, too busy in between buses and trying not to get sick on the bus in the mountains.

I'm looking forward to a renewing week of practicing for the next weekend, practicing for possible gigs, working out, making more Planet Ronda videos, brainstorming about what to do for actual work/career in the right here and now because as exciting as the orchestra freelance world might seem, it doesn't pay the bills, and most importantly, I'm looking forward to listening and singing/coughing along to Christmas songs!

This upcoming holiday season is going to be better than the one just past. I'm going to see to that :)

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