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A Thanksgiving to never forget and always forgive

This week of Thanksgiving had been a week I was looking forward to for some time.

Finally, a vacation. Flying to see family in California, spending a few days in Yosemite National Park hiking in nature, and resting just because.


It was not to be.

Plans rarely happen as it were, but these plans not only didn't happen, but what did will not be forgotten soon and has made this Thanksgiving holiday one of the hardest I've ever experienced.


There aren't many details I'll divulge but I am reminded of how much people can hurt each other, especially those closest to them. How such actions of others hurt people far more outreached than they can imagine. How much pain is possible to cause by the selfish emotional reactions lashed out without thought.


When humans fail us and cause pain almost insurmountable, pets often fill the void. The last pet that wasn't mine anymore, but was given to me 17 years ago is no longer giving the unconditional love and attention and affection she has for so many years. Shadow will be sorely missed by those who loved her so dearly.


I no longer write silently. My voice has mostly returned and if I nurture it, it will keep growing stronger and the cough will cease.


The reason for the holiday, to give thanks, is one that is often easy with happy times and indulging bellies. This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for the lessons being learned, the hearts strong enough to weather the attacks from loved ones, the many years and moments of love filled with fur balls, and for the people in my life I often have taken for granted but that have proven their genuine love.

Many tears have been spilt this week and it's hard to write a blog so heavy. I hope that the words written speak a message not often spoken and a story not often shared.

A Sincere Thanksgiving To Everyone

Patches (yawning) left us a few years ago. Sweet Shadow left us today.

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