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Writing Silently

Vacation, or what I had deemed vacation, is not going according to plan. Should have known. Silly of me to think my plans would actually happen!!


The plans had been to enjoy a few days of hiking in the national forest, cuddle up under some warm blankets and watch a few movies with some hot chocolate, finally watch some football with some well deserved pizza, and have a tasty Thanksgiving dinner.

haha yeah right


A couple of weeks ago I got a cold from someone in a house who was hosting me. I downed some zinc and wellness tablets and pushed through it. Was barely down for half a day. It seemed all was good. Then after a couple weeks of insane schedules, travels, and terrible sleep in colder than I prefer environments, I developed a cough that is forcing me to continually not use my voice. I haven't technically lost my voice, but the more I try to talk, the more croakey and coughey I get...hack hack. There's nothing in my chest that I can feel nor that is being coughed up but the cough won't go away: not after six or more cups of tea and honey every day, saving my voice and mostly talking in whispers, staying indoors all day (ick), not working out (booooo), and doing my utmost to take care of my throat.


So instead of the plans I'd hoped to enjoy for vacation, the new plans have been to spend the days indoors, whispering, drinking tea constantly (that part isn't bad), and you guessed it, working on the new Planet Ronda videos!!

Since Thanksgiving is on Thursday, I won't have the typical time to put together everything like usual so I'm working overtime to have it all done two days early!


The good news is while I'm working on Planet Ronda videos I'm also able to catch up on all the Chopped, Shark Tank and Dual Survivor episodes I haven't seen.

I have also sampled more kinds of tea in the last few days than in the last year :-D

I also haven't needed to wear anything other than pajamas for days as no one would ever know since I only depart the bedroom to make tea in the kitchen.


The bad news is my throat is no better for all my efforts :'-(

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