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The Plan is There Is No Plan

Most people who know me well have learned that even if I say there is a plan, to just amuse me, nod their head, say uh huh, and ignore me. Still, I persevere in the common world practice of making plans. Still, my "brother" Murphy succeeds and I fail.

Today is another day to remind me of such plan failures.

I've been working on getting contracts overseas performing on violin and for the last year I've been told I have a contract and then it falls through. Today being no exception...

There was a tremendous offer for a world cruise on a Crystal ship that I badly wanted and was promised to receive....until "brother" Murphy decided to intervene on my behalf. Turns out the cruise itinerary is too good to pass up for the current violinist so the contract is no longer available.

This news would not be so bad if I had other work lined up, but the exact opposite is true. They say not to put all your eggs in one basket but I don't even have a basket. I'm over here just juggling eggs around hoping I don't drop any.

Symphony work was lost in Dec. waiting for cruise details to leave since the cruise was supposed to start the last week of Dec.

It's time to play catch up and find more work this month and another contract overseas option.

It's true the right thing will come along at the right time and one just needs to be patient and accept the path that didn't happen wasn't the one to take. However, my head really hurts from being tossed back and forth like that pixelated pong ball on my computer screen.

So here's to drinking more morning mate on kitchen counters in fuzzy Christmas sweaters while waiting for the foggy haze to lift so you can see the path that is yours to start taking.

Cheers everyone!

Please ignore the tasty looking cinnamon rolls on the counter beside me :-) Thank you very much!!

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