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A Side of Cookies with my Electric Bill Please

The refrigerator is finally finished! It's connected and not leaking from the water line. It's back in it's place, out of the middle of the floor. So I was able to finally clean the kitchen and put things back in their places. The kitchen is huge now! lol

In response to the happiness of having my kitchen back I baked a batch of cookies. Super easy chocolate brownie peanut butter chip cookies. Oh my goodness, they are good. I halved the sugar and substituted peanut butter chips for chocolate chips and oh, they are really really tasty.

So tasty I kind of accidentally ate one before I remembered to take a picture.

They were just the perfect crispy on the outside and super soft and fluffy on the inside with intense chocolate flavor and punches of peanut butter! If you want to bake these cookies for yourself, this is the recipe I used and then modified! Enjoy!

It's really amazing they came out perfectly, because the oven where I live only heats starting at 450 and up so I have to play a balancing act of opening the door just a little every 5 minutes or so for a few minutes to keep the heat down at 350 for cookies.

Technically I have a gas stove, but something I love about living in Mexico is the cost of the electricity if you hardly use it. (If you use a lot, it gets super costly, but if you keep it under a certain minimum it is an outstanding deal.) Basically, I don't mind the heat so I don't use (nor have) air conditioning and I don't like bright overhead lights so I just use daylight and lamps and the tv is run every day for only a few hours so the big hogs are barely consumed in my place.

For 2 months of 2 TVs, a microwave, refrigerator, lights, and a floor fan, the bill is only 116 pesos. That's $5.90! And that is not for one month, that is for two. Think I can handle that.

Now to the store for more cookie ingredients...just in case I want to make another batch soon :)


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