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How my "brother" Murphy "helped" the launch party.

True to form, the more important things I have on my plate, the more my "brother" seems to like to hang out. My launch party weekend being no exception.

The day before my launch, so two days ago, I started to feel a bit week and a little icky but not bad. Then yesterday I woke up with a croaky voice, tight chest and occasional coughing. My mom <-- most awesome mom in the whole wide world, had told me to take zinc immediately when I'm starting to think I might get sick. So yesterday I started a zinc regimen and wouldn't you know it? Mom is always right haha! I'm no worse today and I have more energy than I did yesterday without the caffeine aids. I'm on the mend up.

My partner in video crime however, got sick yesterday and got hit hard. He went downhill fast just in time for the launch party.

So both of us worked our tails off through the day to make sure the launch happened and then went out and partied all while my "brother" tagged along.

~~~This is where the story gets interesting~~~

Lots of people get sick at bad times.

This weekend isn't just my launch party. I'm also performing in a huge concert for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra this weekend that takes every ounce of mental, emotional, and physical stamina and energy I have. Practicing hours each day before rehearsal and then leaving everything left on the stage each night has been draining.

Add the launch party to the mix and I'm at my max.

Thankfully (said sarcastically), my "brother" came to my aid by not only getting me sick, but my partner in video crime as well.

~~~It gets even better~~~

Before I got sick, a day before, I was asked if I could add a gig Sunday morning before the orchestra gig Sunday afternoon. Well, be a starving musician and all, I didn't hesitate to say yes. Even though the gig Sunday morning is two hours away from the gig Sunday afternoon....sigh.

Sunday after the concert I also need to be completely packed to drive to the next location where l'll be for the next week/gig about 6 hours away.

Boy did my "brother" pick a good time for me to get sick! The Sunday morning was intended for packing and preparing for the Sunday afternoon concert. No longer!

Somehow though, I always make it work. No matter what tricks my "brother" throws at me, life still works itself out all right in the end.

~~~Here's to a successful launch party, ASO Masterworks concerts, extra gig thrown in, sick in bed weekend!~~~

*Hint* Click on the picture to see the Facebook live video!

Click on the picture to watch my live facebook video on PlanetRonda at the launch party.

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